Disturbing Secret Behind Dress Shop Mannequin


[tps_header]La Popular is an 85 year old bridal shop in Mexico that has a dark secret.  The front window holds a mannequin that looks surprisingly lifelike, and held a striking resemblance to the shop owner’s daughter, who had passed away.  After the “mannequin” was put up, rumors started circulating around town that the mannequin must be the mummified corpse of the daughter of the owner.  Well, here we are 85 years later, and the rumors have spread worldwide.  The shop’s original owner has passed on, and is not available for comment, but here are several close-up pics, you can decide for yourself if you believe the rumors or not.  I’ll just say this…the hands and fingers (shown very close in picture #7) have detail that seem to go FAR beyond most mannequins.[/tps_header]


The original owner of the store was Pascuala Esparza, and the mannequin was nicknamed “Little Pascuala” around town.